When it comes to choosing the right people to build a brand new website for your business, there’s a lot to think about to make sure that you make the right choice. After all, your website is your opportunity to showcase your business to the world. You want it to look good, represent you well, and function properly in order to give off the best possible impression. And, something as simple as choosing the wrong web designer can quickly see your website dreams go down the drain! However, there are some simple tips out there that can ensure that you make the right choice from the get-go. In today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing our nine top tips to help you choose an exceptional web agency Surrey to build you your dream website, no matter what you do! Hiring a web agency over an individual designer can have many benefits for you and your website. You can find out more about some of these benefits in this post:

What is a web design agency and how can you get the best website possible?

So, if you’re beginning to think about hiring the services of a web agency, read this blog post first to help you make the right decision, and end up with a website that you can be proud of! While this specific post is aimed at those in Surrey, whether you’re based in Surrey or not, the majority of these tips can be universally applied to wherever you’re located in the world.

1. Search engines should be your first port of call when choosing a web design agency

Now, this may seem like quite a self-explanatory point. Of course, you probably will turn to Google and the like first, as you would with anything you’re searching for! But, when looking for a web design agency, it is especially important. After all, a web agency deals in websites, so you want to make sure that they care enough about their own site to invest in SEO practices that help it to show up in search engine rankings. Also, check how their search engine result looks. Do they have a clear title and meta description (the short description of the web page that shows up in the search engine results). If they don’t, then this suggests that they haven’t even performed basic SEO tasks on their website. Is this the sort of agency you’d like to work with? If they know enough about SEO to use it on their own site, they’re far more likely to be able to optimise their client’s sites as well, even if it is just to the basic level.

Furthermore, when you’re searching the internet for web agencies near you, don’t forget to check Google Maps, as well as a regular Google search! This may show up even more agencies in your area. And, you’ll also be able to see their Google reviews, which should give you a better idea about whether they are a trustworthy agency or not.

2. Check their reviews as much as you can

web agency reviews

Check reviews to ensure you’re making a good choice.

Speaking of reviews, it’s crucial to ensure that you look into your potential agency’s reviews as much as you can! They will probably collect most of their reviews in one place online. So, make sure to check Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and their own website as your first ports of call. Any web agency Surrey that’s proud of their reviews should be more than happy to show them off, so they shouldn’t be too well hidden!

Still unsure of which agency to go for? Why not ask for word of mouth recommendations instead? if you know someone who’s recently got a new website in the local area, why not ask them who they used? Make use of your extended network too, both in person and on social media. Even if you don’t directly know someone who’s had a new website, a friend of a friend might be able to recommend a good agency. You could even try posting in local community groups on social media for advice and personal recommendations! People who are happy with their websites from local businesses will usually be more than happy to spread the word. And, with a word of mouth recommendation, you can be satisfied that you’re going to get a quality project as well.

3. Get a feel for your potential web agency Surrey’s projects and style

Even if a web agency has the best reviews in the world, you probably won’t end up loving your website unless they work in a style that you like in the first place! This is why it’s important to get a feel of an agency’s projects and general style of web design before you select the one you want to work with. Most agencies will have a section on their website where they showcase past projects that they’re proud of, so you can use these to get a good idea of how their websites tend to look. And, you can always ask them for some examples! You can then do your own research and scout out the sites they have designed for yourself. How do they look? Do they work well? Is anything broken that shouldn’t be? Do they work on all devices including mobile phones? These are all important questions to ask to help you narrow down your selection!

4. Ask about the team involved in the web agency

Having said this, it’s not all about how well you get on with their style of web design. You also want to get on well with the team who will be working on your project, as well! After all, if you can build up a comfortable working relationship with them, you’ll find it easier to give feedback and communicate overall. This in turn will ensure that the whole project runs more smoothly! Of course, you don’t have to be the best of friends with everyone. But, going in to meet the team who’ll be designing your site, or at least having a phone call with them, before the project starts, will give you a good feel for the company culture, the people who work there, and whether you will all work well together!

5. What is the web agency Surrey’s capabilities or specialisms?

Like with any industry, most web agencies will have a particular niche that they specialise in. This could be websites for engineers, small businesses, those in the creative industry- almost anything! That’s not to say that they won’t take on projects outside of this scope. But, they will probably produce their best work within this specialism, as it’s what they’re used to doing. As a result, it’s a good idea to select an agency that works well with your specific needs if you can, to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Also, you may want to find out more about the agency’s capabilities before your project begins. What sort of training have the staff received? How experienced are they? Just because they don’t have much experience doesn’t mean they won’t produce a great website, but in this case, you may want to ensure that their line managers are more experienced in order to supervise. Of course, there’s no set rule for who makes a good web designer and who doesn’t. It’s all about what you’re most comfortable with.

6. Do they outsource anything?

So, you’ve had contact with the team at the web agency and you’re thinking about selecting them. Only then do you find out that they actually outsource most of their projects to someone else, who’s not in the agency, and you haven’t had any contact with! While this doesn’t mean that your project will be a disaster, it is something of a red flag if they are taking on projects that they can’t cope with in-house. Make sure to ask any potential web agencies whether they would outsource your project before you commit to working with them.

7. What other services do they provide and how can they work in conjunction with web design?

web agency services

Most agencies will provide services beyond web design.

Most web agencies actually provide a wider range of marketing services, not just web design! There are still some out there that do solely focus on websites, but most offer a wider suite of services at the benefit of their customers. Make sure to ask your agencies what other services they provide. These could be digital marketing, graphic design, SEO, content creation, and more. There are so many different services out there that agencies can offer. Then, ask them about how these services could work in conjunction with your website and what benefits this could give you. A standalone website, without any additional marketing support, goes some way to getting your business out there. But, other marketing services will really boost it. So, make the most of them if you can, and see what else your agency can recommend!

8. Who are their clients and how long have they been working with the web agency Surrey?

Another thing that can give you a good indicator about the quality of an agency is how long some of their clients have chosen to stay with them. If they have a few long-standing clients who have been with them for years, this is a good sign! This means that they continue to provide a good service even after the initial project is done. Surely this is the sort of agency that you want to work with? It’s also an idea to look at who these clients are. Do they work in similar sectors to you? Are they of a similar size? Indicators like these will also help yu make the decision about whether this is the right web agency for you.

9. Check their terms and conditions

Now, the final step before you commit to working with your selected web agency Surrey is to check their terms and conditions. Any good agency will have a comprehensive list of terms and conditions that will be used to benefit both them, and you as the client. But, it’s also important to ensure that the terms are fair and you have a clear picture of the contact you’ll be entering into. This ensures that there will be no nasty surprises involved in your project, and that both parties are clear about expectations from the very beginning.

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