Ensuring that you have the right team around you is vital for doing a good job. Hiring the right people will mean that you have a variety of useful skills in your team, and everyone will bring their unique strengths. The end result should be a team who works together well and performs an amazing job! But what are the secrets to recruiting the right people for your digital marketing agency? Running an agency is a bit different from running any other sort of business. You need people who are creative, technical, and a mixture of the two! As a digital marketing agency Guildford, we know a thing or two about hiring the best people for this unique type of team. Keep on reading to find out more about our recruitment secrets to help you hire the right person for the job each and every time! If you’re a candidate who wants to get a job in a digital marketing agency, this article will also be useful for you! It should show you some of the things that agencies will be looking for in their candidates, so that you can tailor your applications and stand out from the crowd.

Look for an employee’s potential, not just their previous experience

As with any business, it’s tempting to always hire the most experienced people. Of course, they will bring a lot of skill to the job and will already know the industry inside out, which is great for advancing your business. However, digital marketing is a popular career choice for people who have just finished school, have recently graduated from university, or those who are simply looking for a career change. While these people may not have much experience in the digital marketing space, don’t overlook them! They can still bring some vital skills to your team.

For example, younger people who have just left school will know the latest social media trends inside out. And, university graduates can have some really versatile degrees that have equipped them with the skills they need to work in digital marketing. They don’t just need to have marketing degrees! People with degrees in English or Creative Writing will already have plenty of writing skills. Degrees such as Languages will be great if you have clients overseas. Truly, every degree will come with its own set of skills that can be translated into working for a digital marketing agency. Finally, people who want to go into marketing from a different career will also have a lot of transferrable skills that will be great for working in an agency! These could include customer service, working on multiple projects at once, or managing a team.

Many of the team members at our digital marketing agency Guildford didn’t come from a digital marketing background. We believe that the specific knowledge you need for a marketing job can be taught. It’s more important for your employees to have a great personality, can-do attitude, and transferrable skills to be successful! So, don’t immediately write off candidates who haven’t got much experience. You never know what other skills they’ll be able to bring to the team! As long as you have some existing employees who can train them on the specific knowledge they need, giving people who are new to the industry a chance is a really rewarding way to build up a team. You’ll be able to see them grow and flourish in their new careers. Furthermore, your team will be more diverse and have a wider range of ideas, which is always great for encouraging creativity and innovation!

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Hiring people with different skills creates a varied and valuable team

Interview people who can show a genuine interest in your digital marketing agency Guildford and what you do

While hiring people who don’t have much digital marketing experience can be beneficial, anyone that you’re looking to recruit should still be able to show a keen interest in your digital marketing agency and everything you do. Firstly, a good start is being able to demonstrate an interest in digital marketing as a whole. If they haven’t had a full-time job in the industry before, there are still some things they can do to show off this interest. For example, a summer internship, running their own blog, doing social media for friends or local businesses, other freelance roles, or taking a course in the subject. This shows that they are genuinely interested in having a career in this industry, and have done their research and prepared themselves for it in some way. Overall, this shows an enthusiastic candidate who is willing to go above and beyond.

But what about showing an interest in your specific agency? During our time as a digital marketing agency Guildford, we have noticed a few things that demonstrate that a candidate is passionate about working for us. The primary one is asking them questions about why they want to work for you during the interview stages. Listen carefully to their answers! They should have done their research using your website and social media profiles. They’ll then be able to use this information to give you an answer that’s truly tailored to your agency and isn’t just a generic answer they could use for anyone. Some other things they could do to show an interest include subtly tailoring the design or content of their CV to reflect your brand; submitting a detailed cover letter that describes why exactly they want to work for you; approaching current employees on LinkedIn or via email to discuss the role or company; or simply chasing up on their application. All of these things suggest that they have a particular interest in what you do, and so will be a motivated and happy member of the team!

Don’t forget to think about recruiting for support roles in your agency!

If your agency is still small, you may not have room for support roles at the moment. You may be focused on the core marketing services that you can offer your clients. However, one key thing that we have learned as a digital marketing agency Guildford is that support roles in the business are key for helping things to run smoothly as you grow! But what do we mean when we say support roles? These are roles that are less marketing focused and are instead about helping the agency itself function as a business. They could include personal assistants, salespeople, business development staff, admin, HR, finance, and so on. If you’re a small agency, some of these roles could be a little way off yet, but it’s still a good idea to think about recruiting for them in the future, so you know the sort of person you’d like to hire.

How could the candidates grow into the role?

Working in a digital marketing agency Guildford can get pretty hectic, but it’s also a lot of fun. And, in most digital agencies there is plenty of room for growth in the roles. So, when you’re recruiting new team members, it is a good idea to think about how they might be able to grow within the company. Yes, you may be recruiting for a specific role now, but could you see it expanding in the future? For example, one social media assistant role could become more specialised as the agency grows. So, what was once one role could become several. One person could focus on paid ads, another one on Instagram, and so on. Does the person you’re thinking about recruiting have a particular specialism that could fit into this?

As a growing agency, it’s also important to think about management potential. It’s likely that new management roles will be created as you grow. So, perhaps you want to hire candidates that you could see becoming managers in the future? Furthermore, you’ll probably find that as your candidate becomes a part of the team, their role will naturally evolve to suit their specific skills. This is a great way to hire a creative team, as no two people will have the same skills or experience! Everyone will bring something different to the team, helping it to thrive and produce new ideas every day.

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There is plenty of room for growth in most digital marketing agencies!

Recruitment Secrets only a digital marketing agency Guildford can tell you: Conclusion

Hiring new team members for your digital marketing agency can be a stressful experience. How do you know that they will perform well? What if they’re not the right fit? Of course, it is important to surround yourself with the best team possible. But, our number one piece of advice when hiring for your team is to focus less on particular knowledge and experience. Instead, take a broader approach. Look at their wider, transferrable skills. These are what will really make them stand out from the crowd and do an amazing job in any role! Digital marketing is a popular industry to want to work in for people of all ages, skills, and levels of experience. So, you won’t be short on candidates to choose from! What makes a good candidate for your agency will vary depending on your company culture and what you do. The key to building a great team is to look at every individual and the unique things that they can bring to the table to create something amazing!