Having an excellent and efficient website for your business is a very beneficial way to make you stand out from your competitors. Many websites you see today are built using a default template theme – ideal for a limited budget; however, to truly elevate your presence and grab customer attention a custom option is the way forward. But why exactly is this the right choice for you?

What Is A Bespoke WordPress Website?

When we speak about a custom-built website on WordPress, this means a site in which every element can be controlled by you – seems like a pretty good idea right? This enables you to focus completely on your business as you work closely with a website developer to build your ideal site, ensuring it meets your needs. By managing each aspect, you should also see increased conversion rates (CTR) from your online users – essential in our technology drive world! 

Crafted With You In Mind

A pre-designed WordPress website can look great when your content fits the page to a T. However when looking to develop your business and generate more website traffic, having a bespoke design means each page can be specifically crafted with your company in mind. The brand will be at the very heart of the site, meaning customers can easily navigate and succinctly understand your message. 

Fewer Updates, More Time

Template websites require updating regularly, and this may require you to spend time to sustain your brand identity on each of your companies pages. In contrast, with a bespoke site, changes can be easily managed via the content management system (CRM). The brand remains at the core of the design even when adjustments are required, this saves you time and means you can focus on the operational side of your business.

Unequalled User-Experience 

Did you know it takes just 10 seconds for a user to decide to either stay on your website or leave to a different site? And over 88% will not return to a site they feel does not reach their expectations! It is therefore essential that your business’s website makes an immediate impact. Simple navigation is key to achieving this with a clear call to action route, otherwise, you may risk losing potential clients to your competitors. With more and more of the user experience focused on the online journey, you should also consider accessibility – for example, language preferences and users with disabilities. How will they experience the site? With a bespoke WordPress website, this becomes a simpler process and in turn, should boost your return on investment (ROI) – important when growing your business to reach it’s full potential. 

The Speed Of Light

The internet has enabled us to have access to information in the blink of an eye, think of how many times you use Google in a day! A website should load in under 3 seconds to ensure a client continues to a page, the longer the loading times the more likely a user is to quit the search. A responsive, high speed website goes hand in hand with user experience and can suggest to the client how your business functions itself. Google also ranks websites highly that have a fast, uninterrupted experience over those which struggle with loading times. 

More Mobile-Friendly

No longer an option, having an optimised mobile site is essential for your business. Over 83% of Google searches now originate from a mobile rather than a desktop! We’ve all been there, struggling to zoom out on a website on your phone and ultimately reverting to an alternative search result that has a more mobile-friendly design. It is therefore vital you have a mobile-friendly site that utilises simple navigation whilst also showcasing your brand at a glance. A suggestion can be to have a different mobile landing page focusing on key features, yet ultimately ensuring no content is hidden from users. Consider how you would want to use the site on your own phone – no one knows your business quite like you! Be sure to integrate this into mobile development when customising your company website. 

SEO Focused From The Get-Go

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) enables your company to rank higher than other potential competitors for certain keywords. This could be the difference between a new lead and missed opportunity. By using a bespoke WordPress website, you can ensure effective SEO is rooted at the heart of the site. Whether it’s custom meta-descriptions or modified page titles, using a tailored design can see SEO becomes more accessible and ultimately enables you to rank in the top searches. This is particularly important when over 95% of all Google users don’t bother to scroll onto the second page of results!

No Unnecessary Add Ons

Usually, a template WordPress design would require additional plug-ins to function effectively for your business and this may still lead to errors, along with long loading times dragging your website responsiveness down. With the tailored approach to your website, you can streamline your business – focusing on your requirements within your design. A bespoke application within your website could include anything from a database system to memberships and social networking sites. By building around your brand, you can ensure each element is working to reduce administration and eventually result in improved customer satisfaction and awareness. 

These are but a few of the reasons why a bespoke WordPress website is such a necessity for your business, especially when you are looking to expand your reach. Whilst these tailored designs are not always right for a limited budget, understanding what a focused site can do for your brand is vital when looking to stand out from your competitors – avoiding the ‘just another WordPress site’. 

Here at Guildford Web Design, we focus on you when working to build your bespoke WordPress site and ensuring we deliver a website that encompasses your brand. Find out more about Guildford Web Design and what we do by visiting our main website here, or visit our blog to get tips about all things web design and digital marketing!